We specialize in translating texts from the following areas:

  • legal
  • economic, banking and financial
  • insurance
  • medical and pharmaceutical
  • IT
  • commercial
  • technical

We also specialize in:


company website translations

European Union related texts


All of these translations are made by experts from the particular field or under their supervision.

Certified translations

AFB Translations offers you the possibility of translation of any document to and from any language together with its official certification by the sworn translator. We can offer you certified translations in the following languages: English, German, French, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Spanish, Italian, Czech, Russian and more. We normally send our clients the certified document by registered post or courier. Within Wrocław (by prior arrangement) we can deliver the translated document in person.

Interpreting services (consecutive, simultaneous)


For our clients we have launched an additional, special service- language emergency services- we commit to providing an interpretor of English or German in Wrocław or its vicinity within two hours from submitting the order. The details of this offer can be found in the section “Emergency Translations”.